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SEO Best Practices

It is always a good idea to be aware of your website's rank in Google and what you can do to affect it. Quite often just a few minor tweeks can create favorable results for your rankings.

To do SEO for a small business, try to have the right mix of keyword phrases woven into the content on your website. The type of keywords phrases you should optimize for are what you think your customers are seaching for on Google. For example: If you are an electrician you might have the phrase "electrical repair " in your content. Use a good mix of these phrases. Also make sure that your homepage has links to other pages on your website that explain your products or services. A one click link from your homepage is best. Doing this sends clear signals to Google about the structure and relevency of your website, which affects your rankings.  

Always make sure that you are rotating fresh content on your website. Do this on a predetermined basis so that Google knows that you are an active business. Following these simple steps wil go a long way in helping you rank higher on Google.                                                          



Signs You Need To Invest In SEO Services

You are not getting visitors to your website

So you have been in business for some time, or possibly you started a new business. We all know it is important to have a website to promote your products and services. Having a website also shows you are a legitimate business. 

I can't stress this enough: if you have a website and you are not investing in

SEO for your small business you may as well not have a website at all. Without good quality, targeted traffic (and by targeted traffic I mean lots of visitors hungry for your products and services) you are dead in the water.

Say you have your website up and running. Do you have a way for customers to contact you? If you do, and you are not getting online inquiries, then you want to invest in SEO services

that can boost your rank in the search engines. Are you trying to build an email list, and do you have lots of email subscribers? If not, you may want to think about investing in SEO services.

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