SEO For Small Business

We are small business SEO experts

 Our SEO services are specifically designed for small businesses, though we handle businesses of any size. 

We understand the unique needs of a small business

 We even have special SEO services pricing designed with small businesses in mind. We have specifically designed an SEO package for small business. Our SEO Powerpack 200 gives a small business wide exposure on Google, getting over 200 targeted and optimized SEO pages of your website on the first page.

We Are A Local SEO Company

 We are based in the USA, so we are only a phone call away from discussing your unique SEO services needs with you. Optimizing your small business website becomes hassle free and very cost effective.

Our SEO Services Are An Excellent Value

 Most SEO agencies providing local SEO services charge upwards of thousands of dollars amonth to keep you on page one of Google. Because of our proprietary technology, we get you to page one for the best overall value. We will get you to the top of Google for over 200 search terms comprised of the cities you work in and for the services you provide for only $399/month. Thats an unheard of value!

Do You Have Questions?

 Feel free to give me a call. My name is Rafael and I am a Geosearch SEO Specialist. My direct line is 860 376 6385.